Other Ways To Use Our Fabrics

Crisanta Mecate

Below are some alternative ways to use our fabrics. Many photographers like to use them as bucket and bowl stuffers, and others have used them as floor backdrops for sitters. Have you photographed our backdrops or wraps in a creative way? Feel free to email your work to us so that we could promote it on our Instagram or Facebook! (Slide 1: Bethany Hope Photography, Dewdrops by Amy McDaniel Photography, Narrow Road Productions) (Slide 2: Norma Fayak Photography, It's Sunny in Seattle Photography)

Sponsored Workshops

Crisanta Mecate

We're always up to supporting and sponsoring workshops. We think they’re SO important for people just starting out and extremely valuable for continuing education for those that have been in the business. Below are some workshops that we've previously sponsored. Lindsey Williams and Bethany Hope Workshop   Dewdrops Photography by Amy McDaniel and Krystal Sandefur Photography